Ovulation Calculators is the world’s only, fully dedicated ovulation calculator website  that can help you find out exactly when is the best time to conceive  a  baby, based on your menstrual cycle. Our  ovulation calculator tool can also help you have unprotected sex on the non-fertile days and enjoy more making love, without getting pregnant.

How a women’ ovulation works:

  • Ovulation happens 14 days BEFORE your next period (the first day of your next period)
  • Once ejaculated into the vagina, the sperm can live up to 5 days
  • This means you can have sex 5 days before your ovulation day and still get pregnant

Here is how our ovulation calculator tool works:

    • Step 1: You let us know the first day of your last period.
    • Step 2: You’ll also have to tell us the length of your usual menstrual cycle – this is the distance in days, between the first days of 2 menstruations. This is usually 28 days, but it can vary from women to women.
    • Once we have these details, we’ll need to calculate your next period’s first day.
    • In order to do this, we’ll use the details that you provided to us: we’ll add the length of your cycle specified by you,  to the first day of your last period – this is the day when your next period begins.
    • Now, we know that it’s a medical fact that ovulation occurs 14 days BEFORE your NEXT period.
    • In order to find out your ovulation day, we’ll extract 14 calendar days from the date of your next period.
    • Try out our ovulation calculator here.